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Multi-Channel Payment Processing

The high risk payment gateway included with your merchant account lets you accept payments anyway you want.

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  • icon Easy-to-install API integrates to your website for online payments.
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Mobile Devices
  • icon Accept payments from mobile phones & devices.
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Internal Systems
  • icon Integrate the high risk gateway with internal systems to automate data exchange and enhance productivity.
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Shopping Cart
  • icon The high risk merchant account gateway is integrated with most CRM and shopping carts.

What is a High Risk Merchant?

High risk is a generic term acquiring banks use for industries or businesses which present a greater risk of financial loss than standard risk accounts. There are many reasons for a high risk classification.
The most common reason an industry is classified as high risk is that the industry has a statistically greater number of chargebacks compared to standard risk accounts. Or is prone to higher numbers of fraudulent transactions due to products, services, or targeted markets.
The card brands have chargeback thresholds that must be maintained by merchants. If the ratios are not maintained, processors & banks are liable for fines by the card brands.
Another reason for a high-risk merchant classification is the business model of the merchant. For instance, recurring & subscription billing models represent a higher risk for chargebacks than one-time sales.

High Risk Payment Processing Gateway Benefits

High risk merchants discover the Level 1 PCI/DSS gateway ensures compliant processing. Military grade encryption protects your business and safeguards customers’ sensitive card data.

Hundreds of validation tests are run on each order. Results are returned in seconds. Customizable cascading rules & filters let you establish parameters for accepting and rejecting transactions.
The high risk merchant account gateway has extensive built in databases for extra levels of security . Positive / negative consumer databases from merchants worldwide help you identify if buyers have been identified fraudsters on other sites.


Applying for Your High Risk Merchant Account

Applying for a high risk account is always free, with no obligation.
When you decide to move forward with an application, a dedicated high risk merchant account specialist is assigned to guide you through the process. The goal is for you to get the fastest approval with the best possible rates.
Applying for a high risk merchant account is a straight forward process. You submit an application along with supporting documents.
Supporting documents include: ID for the signer on the account; most current past 3 months of business bank statements; voided check for the bank account where processing funds will be settled; 3-6 months of payment processing history, and company formation & registration information.

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