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Pacificpay offers payment solutions to businesses in high risk industries, which means that as payment processing providers, our banks are willing to accept the liability for the increased risk associated with those businesses that are categorized as needing a high risk merchant account. Our high risk payment gateway makes high risk credit card processing safer and more secure with integrated fraud solutions to prevent chargebacks.

Credit Card


How do you know if your business has been categorized as needing high risk credit card processing? Well, the primary reason is other merchant accounts aren’t willing to take on the risk associated with your business. The acquiring bank or its representatives can close your account and hold funds, without notice, based on negative risk factors involved with your product or brand. Moreover, if you experience high levels of chargebacks or if your payment processor has dropped your account, you may need a high risk merchant account to start accepting credit card payments online.

CBD Merchant Account.

Obtaining a CBD merchant account is critical for anyone running a new or existing business in this burgeoning field. With mainstream merchant account providers dropping accounts in this legally regulated industry, you’ll want to have a lasting solution so you can accept credit cards and sell CBD online.

High Risk Payment Processors

In your pursuit to find the best high risk payment processor, you’ll come across a number of different services and options. In order to find the best processor, you’ll want to be familiar with your business needs and capabilities. For example, you may need one who is willing to onboard an Adult business that was dropped by a major merchant, or a CBD company who is trying to find a sustainable solution.

Instant Approval

Certain businesses and industries can get instant approval on a high risk merchant account. In most cases however, banks will want to review your processing history and sales volume on a case-by-case basis. Each business is different and has their unique needs. If you don’t qualify for instant approval, Pacificpay will work to get your application processed fast. The usual time between start of the application and final approval is five to ten business days. This is standard for most high risk accounts.

High Chargeback Merchant Account

Many businesses are categorized as high risk due to the number of chargebacks they have. High chargebacks occur when there is an inconsistency in your product or supply chain, or sometimes when customers try to take advantage of your service. At Pacificpay, we work with our partners to reduce chargebacks and get you approved for a merchant account that is custom fit for your business needs.

Offshore Merchant

Offshore Merchant Account Services

Our offshore merchant account services fill the gap with multi-currency acceptance, cross-border acquiring, and placement of non-traditional merchants. We will connect you with our global ISO resources and get you the international merchant account you need.

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High Risk Merchant Account Services:

It is important when searching for online credit card processing solutions and merchant account services that you choose a company whose experience and reputation align with your specific business needs and best fit the requirements within your industry.

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  • icon Selling any type of merchandise through an ecommerce store has its risks.
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